Local Gatherings & Classes

Bahá'ís throughout the world offer a variety of community activities open to all. In Sammamish, we have a core group of on-going activities in neighborhoods, community centers, and homes.

Holy Day celebrations and monthly 19-Day Feast meetings occur throughout the year as well. For information on dates and locations, please contact sammamish.wa.usa.lsa@gmail.com

Children's Classes 

Sundays (September – June) for pre-k to 6th grade, 10:30 AM to 12 PM 

For location information, please contact ruhiyyihm@gmail.com

These classes are geared for children to learn about their souls and their purpose of contributing to the betterment of the world. Offered by trained teachers in local homes for pre-k through 6th graders, classes can be set up easily in neighborhoods and suit the schedules of families. Current children’s classes in Sammamish have a concurrent scripture deepening course offered for adults and parents. 

Junior Youth Empowerment Programs 

Starting Fall 2016 for ages 12 to 14

For location information, please contact sudiptabhuyanyoung@gmail.com

This program is a non-denominational, Bahá'í-inspired program from 6th-9th graders (ages 12 to 14) designed to nurture fellowship and unity, develop discernment, improve decision making skills, build capacity for service to humanity, foster creativity, and enhance communication skills through study, art, games, and community service projects. A new Junior Youth Empowerment Program will be beginning in the Fall of 2016.

Ruhi Institute Classes 

Various times and locations 

To find or start a course, please contact jmtq95@live.com

These interactive, participatory courses based on Bahá'í scripture begin and conclude as fitting needs of participants. The first course (Book 1) is Reflection of the Life of the Spirit, covering topics such as the importance of reading the Creative Word of God, Prayer, and Life After Death.j Subsequent courses cover service to humanity, teaching children’s classes, the empowerment of junior youth, and Bahá'í history.

Pop Up Devotional Meetings 

Various times and location 

To find or start a devotional, please contact ________ 

Teatime for the Soul 

3rd Sunday of each month, 2 PM – 4 PM 

For location information, please contact jmtq95@live.com

An interactive, interfaith program celebrating and exploring Virtues, the spiritual qualities in each of us and part of all cultures. Scripture readings and discussion from a variety of religions and faiths plus artistic expressions, games, and formal tea. Join us to take the time to truly appreciate virtues expressed in your own life.

Friday Health Chats 

One Friday each month at the Sammamish Library 

To join the email list, contact leylapakzad@gmail.com

Offered monthly as a brown-bag lunch meeting at the Sammamish Public Library, come hear a variety of local health professionals speak on diverse subjects to enhance your body, mind, and spiritual health and wellness. 

Highway Clean Up 

Twice each year 

To join the email list, contact quinnm40@gmail.com

Join the Sammamish Bahá'í Community in our highway cleanup efforts twice each year.